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Welcome to the first edition of the Luxel Corporation newsletter! We aim to provide

this newsletter 3-4 times a year to update you about freestanding filter technology and new developments. In addition to featuring products, sections will also address common questions or demonstrate product usage, feature particular applications, and expose you to some of the local flavor of our home on San Juan Island, Washington.

Luxel fabricates ultrathin freestanding foils into spectral filters, pressure windows, and radiation shields. Filters range from less than 50 nanometers to several microns thick, and are sometimes supported by mesh or a polymer layer. Many of our filters operate in the extreme ultraviolet (EUV) and soft X-Ray portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. We also produce laser targets, photocathodes, and filters for synchrotrons and other high-energy physics experiments. Our films are known for their strength, size, uniformity, pinhole-free qualities, and ability to withstand pressure differentials. We also manufacture the RADAK® line of thermal evaporation sources. While we offer standard products, much of our work involves working closely with our customers to develop custom solutions.

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