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Luxel Space Filters Go to Space


A United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket launches NOAA’s GOES-T satellite from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station on March 1, 2022. (Photo ... Read More
March 3, 2022treehouse
“Hitomi” (ASTRO-H)


Luxel is proud to have fabricated multiple filters aboard the Japanese satellite Hitomi (formerly ASTRO-H). These include: Thermal Shields Microcalorimeter Optical Filters Contamination Blocking Filters Focal Plane Filters JAXA press release below... The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) confirmed that the X-ray Astronomy Satellite (ASTRO-H) has deployed its solar array paddles ... Read More
February 22, 2016Chris Minney
SDO CME May 2013 – NASA


A recent article from BBC News discusses how the Hinode and Solar Dynamic Observatory, two satellites that contain Luxel filters, helped observe a tsunami that spread across the sun's surface following a coronal mass ejection (CME). Here's an excerpt from the article: Understanding this field may help predict how CMEs will ... Read More
July 11, 2013travis


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