Power Controllers

Luxel Power Controllers offer advanced control features for single furnaces and Co-Deposition

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The RADAK® Power Controller II is a basic PID controller equipped to operate a single furnace under either manual setpoint or program control. It offers a simple-to-use interface and is able to maintain a furnace at precise temperatures. A program consisting of ramps and dwells can be used to control the furnace following a preset temperature profile. Data can be acquired and parameters can be set remotely using the built?in RS 232 interface.

The RADAK® Power Controller II+ has all of the features of the Power Controller II above, but adds features that better support its integration into an automated deposition system. Four user programs can be stored and selected either remotely. Deposition rate control is also supported by allowing an external device to directly control the power output circuitry or adjust the temperature setpoint on the fly. Digital inputs and relay outputs are provided for interfacing with external devices.

The DUAL Controller is equipped to operate two RADAK® furnaces simultaneously for Co-Deposition. The controller provides power, programming, and feedback capabilities for fully automated control of two evaporation sources. Ethernet communications, four programmable outputs, and five programmable inputs provide the flexibility needed to interface with a PLC, deposition controller, or other process control equipment. Up to 20 additional logic inputs relay outputs can be added with the optional I/O expander board.

Model II II+ Dual
Incorporates Eurotherm Model # 2404 2404 3504
RS 232 Communications x x
Ethernet Communications x
Auto-Tune Algorithm x x x
Output Channels 1 1 2
Stored Programs 1 4 10+
Program Segments 8 16 500
Stored programs can be linked x x
Analog inputs 1 PV 1 PV, external 2
Software selectable input source x x x
All common thermocouple types x x x
Custom linearization profile x x x
All standard RTDs, pyrometers x x x
Voltage, current inputs x x x
User calibration x x x
External control inputs x x
Digital I/O 3 input 5 input, 4 input*
Relay outputs 2 SPST, 1 SPDT 4
Control schemes PID PID, external PID, external
PC Interface
Eurotherm iTools software for
configuration and control
x x x
†Upgradeable to 50 programs
*I/O expandable to 20/20


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