Luxel offers a variety of crucibles and liners for evaporating over 70 materials.


The two primary considerations in selecting a crucible are chemical and thermal compatibility. Radak furnaces ship standard with an Alumina crucible because of its wide chemical and thermal compatibility. However, some materials present specific challenges that are overcome by using a crucible liner. Other challenges cannot be overcome using a liner alone. For these applications we have developed material-specific crucibles. Please see our Crucible Recommendations Guide for more information.

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Crucible Liners

Some applications may require the use of an insert placed inside the standard crucible. Such applications include evaporating materials that would react with the standard crucible material, and evaporating melting materials that have a higher coefficient of thermal expansion than the crucible material. In these cases, a tough metal insert placed inside the standard crucible to form a crucible liner. Crucible liners contain the molten or reactive material within the standard crucible, protecting the furnace.

Crucible Options by Radak Furnace
Radak I Radak II Radak III
Crucible Size 1"H X 0.495" OD – 2cc 2"H X 0.995" OD – 15cc 3.91"H X 1.96" OD – 140cc
Usable Capacity 1cc 10cc 100cc
Materials Alumina, Quartz, PBN, Coated Stainless Steel, Organic
Liners Molybdenum, Nickel, Tantalum, Tungsten Special Request only
Liner Capacity † 0.5cc 6cc
†Full capacity liners (same as crucible) are available in Molybdenum
Please note the temperature limits for each crucible and liner:
Max Operating Temperature (C˚)
Crucibles Liners
Alumina 1500 Molybdenum 1500
PBN 1500* Tantalum 1500
Quartz 1000 Tungsten 1500
Coated Stainless 900 Nickel 1200
Organic 460 PBN Cold Dipped 1300
* Temperature is process dependent based on whether you are reducing or oxidizing atmospheres. We recommend 1300˚ C for aluminum.

For more information, download our latest crucible recommendation guide. Our Vapor Pressure Chart is another useful project planing tool.


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