TEM Sample Supports

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LUXFilm® TEM supports were developed with assistance from the US National Institutes of Health (NIH). These strong, filmed supports can span very large unobstructed apertures – supplied standard up to 2mm ID. They are beam stable, highly transmissive, and robust to cryogenic temperatures. The supports improve the efficiency and throughput of TEM work by allowing the researcher to view the entire specimen, which is a significant improvement when looking at large structures, tracing features that appear over long distances in serial sections, searching for details that occur infrequently in the tissue sample, or when using specimen tilt for tomography.

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STRONG – LUXFilm® is 5X stronger than Formvar. The supports are stable over the long beam exposures needed for tomography – without additional carbon coating. The films hold up to a variety of common stains and to ethanol-based solutions.

LARGE UNOBSTRUCTED VIEWING WINDOWS – With a LUXFilm® support, see your entire specimen without interference from grid wires.

REDUCED CHARGING – The films exhibit very little drift or charging effects in the EM, compared with Formvar/carbon, improving imaging efficiency.

THIN – LUXFilm® TEM supports are thin (50nm) and uniform. Most applications will not require additional carbon coating

WETTABILITY – LUXFilm® has a favorable inherent surface energy for epoxy-embedded sections. Serial ribbons “stick” and go down flat. Surface treatment can be performed to prepare the supports for negative stains and acrylic-embedded specimens.

– LUXFilm® exhibits no autofluorescence and no unspecific labeling with antibody stains, making it an ideal choice for correlative microscopy and immunocytochemistry in the EM. The large, unobstructed viewing windows assure that you will find all labeled features, even if rare.

TEM sample support


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