VAT P/N 01032-CE01-X Valve

Luxel filters can withstand Torr level pressure differentials for gas and vacuum separation applications.

Filter foils can be composed of standard or custom foil materials. Filters may be mounted in VF111 frames to fit in the VAT gate valve (shown) or mounted in custom frames to your specifications.

The Luxel VF111 filter line brings several advantages to the soft X-ray researcher. The filters thread into a VAT gate valve and are designed to reject visible light, to remove soft scattered radiation, and to discriminate within the X-ray/EUV bandpass area of interest.

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  • Highest quality: +/- 1% transmittance uniformity
  • X-ray & EUV bandpass
  • Visible light blocking
  • UHV compatible: will separate UHV from normal vacuum experiments
  • Field interchangeable: minimize interruption of active experiments
  • 16 mm clear aperture
  • Support Torr-level pressure differential


  • Beamline spectroscopy
  • Gas cells / monochromator calibration
  • Synchrotron beamline research
  • Gas proportional counters


The VAT P/N 01032-CE01-X window valves are compact, yet they hold a relatively large window mounted in the gate. The valve is only 35 mm flange-to-flange and employs only one moving part in the vacuum. It provides nearly particle free and shock free operation, and accepts Luxel VF111 filters in the threaded window recess.

Filter Mounting and Construction

Luxel uses techniques we developed for spacecraft missions in fabricating all our filters. The filter material is vacuum deposited. Usually, support mesh is applied to the foil, and the filter material is bonded to the window frame. Lexan® and polyimide can be supplied free-standing, if desired. All materials are UHV compatible.


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