It was one year ago that the Mars Curiosity Rover landed on the red planet. Luxel built LUXFilm®/ Polyimide filters for the  Chemistry and Mineralogy X-Ray Diffusion Instrument (CheMin) which measures the quantitites of various minerals in powdered surface samples through X-ray diffraction. CheMin is part of an on-board laboratory … Read More

A recent article from BBC News discusses how the Hinode and Solar Dynamic Observatory, two satellites that contain Luxel filters, helped observe a tsunami that spread across the sun’s surface following a coronal mass ejection (CME). Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Understanding this field may help predict how CMEs will … Read More

We are pleased to announce that in December 2012 we moved to a brand new manufacturing space. Our new facility, which is only about a mile and a half from our old location, … Read More


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