Celebrating Luxel’s 50th Anniversary

Luxel 50th Anniversary

Luxel Corporation was founded in Santa Barbara, CA in 1974 and relocated to Friday Harbor, WA in the San Juan Islands a short time later. Today Luxel is a thriving small business and world leader producing freestanding ultrathin membranes used as soft x-ray and extreme ultraviolet bandpass filters, thermal evaporation sources, and tissue supports for electron microscopy.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation has not only been a hallmark of our success but has also set the industry standard. Through the years, Luxel products have enabled cutting-edge research and are used in a wide variety of technical industries.

Luxel’s filters are used in semiconductor device manufacturing, record-breaking laser fusion experiments, satellite missions, and more.

Our thermal evaporation RADAK® furnaces help further fundamental thin-film deposition research, Organic LED (OLED) displays and photovoltaics.

GridTape®, our reel-to-reel sample support for high-throughput transmission electron microscopy (TEM), is critical to imaging brain tissue at synaptic resolution in the developing connectomics field.

The Luxel team enjoys bringing all of these products to you and one thing that brings us great joy is the support of a wonderful customer base. Thank you.

If you would like to share a few words about your experience with Luxel through the decades, we would love to share them internally with our team. Please email Anniversary@Luxel.com.

With gratitude,

Travis Ayers

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