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NOAA Satellite and Information Service

November 21 at 7:14am
NOAA’s GOES-R satellite launched from Kennedy Space Center in Florida this weekend at 6:42pm on November 19, 2016. But what’s next for the nation’s most advanced weather satellite to-date?

The GOES-R team has confirmed satellite communication and power. Over the next several days, team members will perform a series of maneuvers to bring the satellite into geostationary orbit. This is expected to occur approximately 16 days after launch. Once GOES-R is placed in geostationary orbit, it will undergo an extended checkout and validation phase lasting approximately one year.

The satellite will transition to operations immediately afterward. Whether it will serve as GOES East or GOES West has yet to be determined. The final decision will be based on the health and performance of the NOAA GOES constellation.

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