GridTape® is now available for commercial sale and Luxel is the exclusive manufacturer of this patented product line.

Luxel’s LUXFilm® polyimide coating offers the strength and flexibility to reliably scale TEM imaging from single samples to serialized arrays of up to 7,500 apertures on a single continuous tape, removing the sample collection and imaging bottleneck.

The reel-to-reel system allows thousands of sections to be loaded in a single pumpdown cycle, enabling 24/7 autonomous imaging.

GridTape® works with relatively low-cost TEM microscopes which can operate in parallel to far outperform single expensive high-speed instruments at a fraction of the cost. The lower initial cost democratizes instrumentation, putting it within the range of startup funds of individual researchers.

Economy of scale in production brings a cost-effective and easily parallelized technique for imaging large volumes at a resolution sufficient to map the connectivity of neurons in brain tissue.

Other fields requiring automated serial section imaging at the ultrastructural level can also take advantage of the automation, high throughput, and affordability of the GridTape® platform. The approach may be used either as a single automated TEM or as a distributed imaging pipeline within a large dedicated facility or distributed over a community of individual laboratories.

Standard GridTape® Dimensions in mm. Custom designs are also available.

GridTape® Dimensions


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