About Luxel


LUXEL is about precision in research and spaceflight.

Filters and Filter Material

In our 40+ years, Luxel has been a pioneer in the development of new filter materials and techniques for fabricating filters. We can produce filters and windows larger and stronger than previously thought possible. Many of our new filter materials provide researchers with the ability to better discriminate regions of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Our filters demonstrate remarkable strength for their size and are sufficient to withstand spacecraft launch, pressure differentials, and maintain gas cell integrity.

We deliver the highest quality foils available, produced from over seventy different metals, compounds, and organics, and are supplied on both standard and custom frames.

Thermal Evaporation Equipment

Luxel RADAK and OLED Furnaces are resistance heated vacuum evaporators. Offering unparalleled control in material evaporation up to 1500°C. Luxel’s revamped RADAK Power Controller incorporate many new innovative features.

We pride ourselves in helping our customers succeed in meeting their research objectives. Luxel is particularly well suited to advance the state-of-the-art in submicron foils, and we are continually developing new products to satisfy our customers needs.

Innovation and reliability, that’s what Luxel is all about.

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