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Luxel’s Innovation and Reliability Support New Discoveries from Space Exploration to Biomedical Research

Filters and Filter Material

For more than 45 years, Luxel has been a pioneer in the development of new optical filter materials and techniques. We regularly expand the limits of the field by producing filters and windows larger, stronger, and thinner than previously thought possible. We offer filters in more than 70 elements, compounds, and organics that provide researchers with the ability to better discriminate regions of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Luxel has an extensive flight heritage, spanning from Skylab in 1973 to the Solar Orbiter in 2020 and including such missions as EXOSAT, the Chandra X-Ray Observatory, the Solar Dynamics Observatory, and the Mars Curiosity Rover. We also provide laser targets, photocathodes, CCD filters, TEM supports, pressure windows, and soft x-ray and high energy physics filters to support cutting edge research in a wide variety of fields. One of our newest product lines is GridTape™, a reel-to-reel tape that combines automated serial sectioning with high-throughput TEM imaging.

Our filters are of the highest quality available and most can be provided light tight and pinhole free. Our films demonstrate remarkable strength for their size, sufficient to withstand spacecraft launch, pressure differentials, and maintain gas cell integrity. We offer an array of standard frames but can also manufacture frames to meet any custom need.

Thermal Evaporation Equipment

In addition to thin-film filters, Luxel offers thermal evaporation equipment. Our RADAK® Furnaces are resistance heated vacuum evaporators that offer unparalleled control in material evaporation up to 1500°C. Luxel’s revamped RADAK® Power Controller incorporates many new innovative features including programmable inputs and outputs, compatibility with external devices, and integration into automated deposition systems.

We pride ourselves in helping our customers succeed in meeting their research or production objectives. Our team of scientists and engineers can help develop a product to meet any of your custom needs. We strive to meet or exceed our customers’ requirements and expectations of performance, quality, service, satisfaction, and delivery on every order.

Innovation and reliability: that is what Luxel is all about.

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