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Soft X-Ray Filter for
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Luxel is the preeminent supplier of ultra-thin freestanding band-pass filters and effusion cell thermal evaporators.

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Producing mission-critical components for space programs.

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Cryogenic windows for inertial confinement fusion experiments.

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Filters for
EUV Lithography

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High Energy Physics Filters

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RADAK® effusion cell thermal evaporators for
thin film deposition.

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Novel supports for TEM

LUXEL is the premier fabricator of the world’s best filters and filter material & thermal evaporation equipment.

Ultrathin EUV & Soft X-ray Filters

• Standard & Specialty Filters
• Valve Filters
• Filter Frames

Luxel is the preeminent supplier of ultrathin foil filters. Since 1973 we have produced the highest quality ultra-thin foils for use as bandpass filters in the Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) and Soft X-ray portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. A large portion of our business is designing and fabricating custom bandpass filters to your specific applications.

For more information, please contact us or go to our standard filter order page.

Thermal Evaporation Equipment

• RADAK® and OLED Furnaces
• Crucibles & Liners

RADAK® furnaces are a flexible, robust, reliable, and affordable solution for a wide range of deposition needs. By selecting the proper combination of crucible, crucible liner, thermocouple type, and other furnace options, RADAK® furnaces are an ideal evaporation source for applications ranging from low temperature organics (OLEDs) to salts and metals used in thin film battery and solar cell production.

See our complete line of thermal evaporation products!

TEM Sample Supports

• Copper
• Nickel
• GridTape®

LUXFilm® TEM supports were developed with assistance from the US National Institutes of Health (NIH). These strong, filmed supports can span very large unobstructed apertures – supplied standard up to 2mm ID. They are beam stable, highly transmissive, and robust to cryogenic temperatures. The supports improve the efficiency and throughput of TEM work by allowing the researcher to view the entire specimen, which is a significant improvement when looking at large structures, tracing features that appear over long distances in serial sections, searching for details that occur infrequently in the tissue sample, or when using specimen tilt for tomography.

See the Features and Benefits of LUXFilm® TEM Supports
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